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Get lucky with Mobile HiLo right on your Android casino or iOS casino!

  • Available on Android Cards, iOS Cards & J2ME Premium Pack applications.
  • Amazing 97% payout - that's the best around!
  • Betting limits for beginners up to high rollers.

Mobile HiLo is a mobile casino game all about testing your luck and taking a chance on your intuition. Play head to head with the dealer and it's your job to decide whether the mystery card will be higher or lower than the closed board game.

Exciting, fast-paced fun on the go
If you're looking for a mobile casino game to have some fun with on the go, then download Mobile HiLo and start enjoying the thrill of a quick bet and win game. Start off with a Free Welcome Bonus and build up your winnings quickly by smashing those guessing right out the park. Jump on board the Mobile HiLo train and enjoy an exciting casino experience wherever, whenever right in the palm of your hand.

  • The aim of the game is to guess if the next card you choose is going to be higher or lower, Black or Red or from the same suit.
  • Choose correctly and the winning money will either be added to your bet for your next guess or you can Cash Out.
  • In case of an unsuccessful bet, you will lose your stake (or your accumulated stake if you previously had a successful bet). In order to keep playing you will be required to choose the New Game option.
  • Choose what will be the next open card (Higher/Lower, Black/Red or exact suit) then select a card to open.
  • The games Payout box will indicate how much each of your guesses will earn you, based on the bet placed and on the cards showing.
  • Ace in a HiLo game has a low value of 1.
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